Ruth Smith


My name is Ruth and I take photos.

My photographic career began almost as soon as my pursuit of a dance career ended. At the age of 23 I stepped off the stage and picked up a camera. It was my love for the performing arts and my 17 years’ dance experience that gave me a solid foundation and good eye for capturing dancers, whether in the studio, backstage, on the city streets, or in performance. I haven’t stopped at dance, though, and have extended my portfolio to portrait and events photography.

But my thoughts have always been on how I could extend my photography to more than images that hang on walls or posts in someone’s news feed. So finally, in 2017, my interest in fashion and “wearable” photography inspired me to design and sew a collection of black and white tote bags – each one featuring one of my photographs and carefully made by my own hand. Being able to add to my skill set, but also have my ideas become something I can physically hold in my hand, was an exhausting, but extremely satisfying experience. It’s exciting to think of where next this journey will take me.